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Since the advent of time, trees have been the bearers of life, wisdom and knowledge. My Talking Tree is a highly interactive-robotic teacher, which uses Artificial Intelligence to transform the way we think about classroom teaching and learning.
My Talking Tree

As an educator, are you on the lookout for the next big thing in the ever evolving world of educational equipments?

Are you searching for unique ideas which will set your educational institution apart from others?

Are on prowl for innovative ideas that will seize and engage the attention of your students?

Are you disheartened by your students losing interest in regular modes of classroom-teaching, despite the best efforts by the teachers?

My Talking Tree

Well look no further! My Talking Tree Robot Teacher is the answer to all your concerns.

Yes, we are talking about a Robotic Tree that utilizes breakthrough technology and advanced Artificial Intelligence to teach various concepts and subjects to students, ranging from Nursery to Class 5.

The Talking Tree Robotic Teacher uses various audio visual aids to bring stories, ideas and concepts to life.

The Talking Tree Robotic Teacher is a wise friend, philosopher and guide; drawn from the fairytales that play in your child’s imagination.

The Talking Tree Robotic Teacher can stimulate new ideas and thoughts in your child through informative videos, scientific concepts, inspiring stories and delightful music.

My Talking Tree

My Talking Tree is the next step forward in revolutionizing digitalized classrooms and is capable of teaching concepts and theories in the most simplified, captivating and interesting manner. Your students will never encounter a dull moment whilst learning from their beloved Talking Tree and is indeed the new dimension in teaching methodology.

The Talking Tree Robotic Teacher offers a unique learning environment and fully engaging content through which your children will easily grasp the educational concepts, learn the necessary skills and gain confidence with the help of audio-visual aids.

My Talking Tree

Working style

My talking tree robot teacher has a highly interactive interface and is very user friendly. It works on three modes.

My Talking Tree
Speaker Right

Automatic- Conceptual Mode

It automatically teaches the required concepts or subjects from the huge data base of unique, world class teaching materials that comes along with My Talking Tree.

The Talking Tree interacts with the TV, Laptop or Projector to bring concepts to life, thereby making the subjects more interesting and easier to comprehend. Instructors can give manual commands with a keyboard or a mouse and the robotic talking tree will automatically find, link and display the relevant concepts.

Speaker Left
My Talking Tree

The Teacher Mode- Educators

In this mode, an instructor can interact with the machine as well as the students at the same time, with the help of a computer. The instructor can teach specific concepts to the students through the medium of The Talking Tree. This will simplify the learning process and make it entertaining and fun.

Common Desk
My Talking Tree

Artificial Intelligence Interactive Mode

My Talking Tree is a compatible Machine for AI. The Technology, which we use here, is fully capable of visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making or even language translation. It can elucidate, provide multiple examples and explain difficult concepts as many times as required, thereby negating the necessity of human effort. This in turn will simplify the teaching process.

My Talking Tree

All inclusive package

  • 1. Fully functional Robotic Talking Tree complete with animatronics    (eyes, eyelids, eyebrows, hands and mouth, Two hands, Decorative leaves,    flowers and fruit set-1)
  • 2. Lifetime free concepts license Card.
  • 3. AI Original Software (Braina)
  • 4. 32" LED TV
  • 5. Sound System
  • 7. Computer CPU (Supported Original OS)
  • 8. Mic set
  • 9. Wireless keyboard and mouse
  • 10. Wifi-stick
  • 11. Micro SD card
  • 12. Protective Cover
  • 13. Supporting cables
  • 14. User Manual

Include :

  • 1. Fully functional Robotic Talking Tree complete with animatronics    (eyes, eyelids, eyebrows, hands and mouth, Two hands, Decorative leaves,    flowers and fruit set-1)
  • 2. Lifetime free concepts license Card.
  • 3. Sound System
  • 4. Hard Disk
  • 5. Micro SD card
  • 6. Protective Cover
  • 7. Supporting cables
  • 8. User Manual
  • Add-ons: (Exclude)

       32" LED TV

       Strong durable stainless steel movable TV stand

       Computer CPU (Supported Original OS)

My Talking Tree

24/7 Technical Assistance and Online Solution

Free Installation and Teacher Training Program

Two Free Physical Services

Services & Warranty

We stick to OCS (one call solution)


Order Procedure

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My Talking Tree
Own Me
" Can you imagine a world without trees? A world without trees is indeed unimaginable! "

The world would be lifeless and barren. There would be no air, no life, no shade, no trees full of birds singing melodious songs. The past and present will cease to exist. If the earth were to have a future, it is quintessential to nurture a sense of love for trees and nature in children, at a very young age. Talking Tree not only succeeds in doing so but also establishes an everlasting bond between the child and nature by befriending the Talking Tree. This will create awareness about the need for conservation of trees and planet earth.

    Student Benifits
  • The child will discover the importance of trees and helps to build an enduring bond between children and trees.
  • Kids will start caring for trees and planet earth. This can be seen as beneficial within the long term purview of reforestation and wild life conservation.
  • Kids will grasp educational topics better when taught by a friendly animated character as compared to a real life character. Children will not only find this more interesting and entertaining but will also find it easier when the concepts are explained with the help of illustrative videos.
  • The visual and sound effects of the Talking Tree as well as the videos will engage the students thoroughly.
  • Children will be keen not to skip classes in order to attend the Talking Trees sessions.
  • Learning will be a fun, enjoyable and amusing process.
    School Benifits
  • Talking Tree is a unique, remarkable educational product.
  • The Talking Tree, being an interesting, innovative product will be an incentive for parents to enrol their children in schools with the product. The Talking Tree will encourage the parents to send their kids to your school.
  • It will create a good impression in the minds of visitors.
  • It will incite curiosity in the minds of the students as well as elders.
My Talking Tree


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My Talking Tree SSC

About Us

We are glad you are here and we hope you find this interesting and helpful.

Since its foundation in 2002, Sree Sadhguru Innovations Pvt Ltd has been a leading provider of innovative education learning solutions for schools and society

Our Primary goals are to research & understand various Education systems, come up with creative ways of explaining the topics, apply ethics and nature where applicable along with other essential aspects of human learning.

We firmly believe that Education is not just to "Acquiring knowledge, talent and skill".

So at SSI, we come up with the learning solutions, which immensely help to pull out the innovative, creative capabilities of a child. After all every child is born with these traits and it helps them in building a great future if we use those to the fullest extent while learning.

We are dreamers and we Dream Big to Innovate and create the best learning solutions to the world with full extent of subject knowledge.

  • To redefine the existing practices of learning and teaching using high-end technology.
  • To provide the most innovative-high quality educational equipment, hassle free installation of the equipment, prompt and best in industry customer care services.
  • To impart insightful, unbiased, unprejudiced education by providing non-partisan learning materials to every school and every student using Talking Tree Robotic Teacher

  • Mission

  • A Talking Tree Robotic Teacher in every school across India
  • To advance the scope and potential of human thinking and learning on a global platform using Talking Tree Robotic Teacher.
  • To instill in students- a sense of empathy; love for nature and for all living creatures
  • To create green belts in and around urban spaces in India, re-forestation of forest covers across India
  • To envision a greener earth through the planting of trees.

  • Associate Partners



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